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Contemporary florist with an outstanding range of top quality flowers to create floral displays for all occasions, to capture the mood they are intended for, simple but striking or to make a statement on your dining table.

We have a quirky range of soft furnishings and simple accessories. Whether you are looking for bright and bold confident colours or sophisticated muted tones that blend traditional and contemporary styles we have it all.


Is owned and operated by two sisters, who are passionate about flowers and always strive to bring innovation to our customers. After being disappointed in the way wee had someflowers delivered on a vry special day, we decided to change the way the delivery is made!
When someone receives flowers, we always thought, how sad sad that our customers don’t get to see
their faces, reactions, happiness, the surpirse and the tears of joy on their faces!
We are all aboout capturing our customers expression witch a pictures or a video, so the memory will last a lifetime!We also offer our service for all events, making it special, original and stunning with our unique style.


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